A simple measure of a successful facilities plan is to know...what you have and where it is, how well it is being used, and when you will need more or fewer facilities. 

Kreon Cyros, President & CEO, The INSITE Consortium

Management of an organization's real property portfolio can make the difference between success or failure in achieving one's strategic business plan. Managing these assets with commercial-off-the-shelf packages from software vendors with colorful and data rich presentations often result in over-populated databases maintained by over-burdened staff, providing little if any decision-support analyses needed by senior management.

Over 40 Years of Facilities Management Solutions and Services

The INSITE Consortium, founded in 1973 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and continued in 1996 as a fully independent non-profit corporation, serves an international membership of education, healthcare and government organizations.

Led by senior managers with decades of hands-on facilities management (FM) experience, INSITE offers FM expertise first before applying their pioneering "Best-of-Breed" technology solutions for providing senior management with decision-support knowledge to best manage their physical assets.

For Consortium Members dating back to the 1970ís, INSITE has provided an improved insight into their real property portfolio, strengthened their workplace business processes, saved millions of dollars in workplace costs, and improved the indirect cost reimbursements for those institutions doing federally granted research.

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